• Do you always believe the words of the songs you sing?  At Central United Church, music is an integral part of who we are, often expressing our deepest thoughts and feelings.  Through the words we sing, we seek to express our beliefs.  Besides well-known hymns, we sing new hymns and/or new words to familiar hymn tunes.
  • Music helps us to build community. We are on a journey, discovering different ways to express ourselves musically. We encourage everyone to join in and have fun – whether it is singing, playing the instruments in the pews, joining the choir, or finding some other way to share our gifts. In whatever way we can, we are all called to Make a Joyful Noise.
  • We use a grand piano or electronic keyboard depending on the Sunday.  Congregation members often get involved by playing various rhythm instruments.
  • The choir leads the singing and occasionally presents special gifts of music.
  • Words for hymns appear on the screen at the front, though hymn books are also available.
  • Guest musicians are invited to participate from time to time.
  • Choir practice is usually held on Sunday mornings at 10:00am at the church.
New Piano

New Grand Piano