Old Story – New Story

Throughout our lives, we are constantly evolving, learning new things and being exposed to new or up-dated understandings.  The same thing applies to our religious beliefs.

At Central United Church we are “Rethinking the Story.”  In other words, we are examining, questioning and updating what we believe and why we believe it.  We are exploring how our faith interacts with environmental and political issues. We are discussing ways in which to live our faith today.

We offer a safe place for individuals to express and discuss their doubts and questions.

Our study programs have included such video series as Living the Questions, Thank God for Evolution, Uppity Women of the Bible, Painting the Stars and First Light: Jesus and the Kingdom of God.

Not only have we held study sessions after church, but we have also viewed a DVD series entitled Saving Jesus during various Sunday morning services from October 2014- April 2015.  On various Sunday mornings during 2016/2017 we are viewing segments from John Crossan’s DVD entitled Violence Divine.

Come and join us as we dare to live with the questions.