Rethinking Beliefs

Is God still a distant ‘old man in the sky’ or might you be thinking of God in a different way?

Did you ever have doubts about some of the material you were taught at church?

Do you have questions about the things you hear about Christianity/other faiths?

Are you seeking a safe place to express your doubts and questions?

Are you interested in rethinking what Christianity is all about?

Come and join us as we dare to question and discuss these and other topics.

We have as many questions as we have answers.  As a community of people, we are travelling together toward an improved understanding of our place and responsibility within this world of ours.  We are Rethinking the Story at Central United Church through these different lenses:

–     Theologically – asking questions regarding what we believe and why
–     Musically – endeavouring to sing what we believe
–     Locally – considering how we can best address local needs
–     Justly – recognizing that justice issues surround us and need our attention
–     From Now On – considering how our history and our present day impact our future

We invite curious travelers to join the journey with us.