Funerals/Memorial Services

The death of a loved one is a difficult time for family, friends and community. Amongst the many decisions families make at this time are the details pertaining to the Funeral/Memorial service. The Minister at Central United Church is available to assist families at times such as this.

The ritual of Funeral/Memorial services provides an important opportunity for coming together and experiencing support from each other and from the greater community.

This service is an opportunity to celebrate the life of the deceased person as family and community bid their final farewell. Music, words and symbols can be important elements of this gathering. Objects and pictures associated with a person’s life may be displayed at the front of the church.

Children are always welcome at such services, as they too need to say good-bye and experience the care of the wider community.

Family members are encouraged to take part in the service to the extent which they feel comfortable. This may include offering a few words about the life of the deceased loved one, singing or having a favorite song sung, sharing a special reading or passage of scripture, and other meaningful rituals.

Typically the music for the service will be provided by the staff of Central United Church.